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Known as the pick-up professionals, Isuzu have a proud and long history of producing exceptional trucks and commercial vehicles to meet the needs of businesses and individuals across all walks of life.

The foundations of Isuzu can be traced back nearly 100 years to 1916, when the Tokyo Gas Company made the decision to diversify into vehicle production. The manufacturer built its first vehicle in 1922, making it one of the oldest companies in the Japanese automotive industry.

In 1934, the famous Isuzu name was born when an industry model was named after the Isuzu River in Japan. The name means "fifty bells pealing in harmony and celebration" and is a fitting explanation of the brand's ethos. It has now sold more than 21 million engines around the world and continues to be a truly pioneering brand in the development and advancement of commercial and large vehicles.

A wide selection of pick-up trucks and other vehicles has marked the history of Isuzu, receiving many accolades along the way, including 20 Good Design trophies from the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

The current range is all about capability and reliability, with class-leading towing ability and unrivalled fuel efficiency. Purchasing an Isuzu is a decision which will reward you with a vehicle that can support you wherever you need to travel, whatever the conditions.

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